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Shearer says: “Man United need to give their fans a reason to cheer.”

| 15.02.2018

Premier League legend discusses Old Trafford atmosphere

Jose Mourinho has been very critical of the atmosphere at Old Trafford recently but surely it is up to the players to give the crowd something to cheer about.

A lot of the football played at Old Trafford recently has just not been that entertaining, so it is understandable that they have not been up off their seats.

If you pay good money to go to a game, you expect to be entertained. Football managers and clubs have to entertain their fans.

I know they are second in the league table at the moment but nobody can tell me the football played by United this season has been riveting enough to get the fans excited, screaming and enjoying their games.

Take the last home game against Huddersfield, although they won the game 2-0, they did not play well at all.

That sort of sums up what is going on at Old Trafford at the moment. Look at Man City, Liverpool and Spurs, they can all entertain so why can’t United?

Last Sunday at St James’ Park, Newcastle went after United in the early stages of the game and that really got the crowd going.

For 90 minutes it was a brilliant atmosphere, probably one of the best they have had there for a long time.

I understand there has been a group who have been campaigning to introduce safe standing at Old Trafford.

As a kid I was brought up going to the Gallowgate end at Newcastle and I loved it.

I do think safe standing will eventually return to Premier League grounds.

We have to be very conscious of what has happened in the past but as long as it is safe, I would be all for that.

However it is likely to take a while before we start seeing clubs ripping out seats from their stadiums.

One of the grounds I always used to enjoy playing at was Anfield.

There was always a fantastic atmosphere there, especially at the Kop end. They were very understanding of good football.

If you played well they respected that. At Old Trafford it was completely different because I got so much stick and abuse!

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