Become Champion of Champions with Coral and win an arcade machine

Arcade machines are few and far between nowadays. It seems in the not too distant past when crowds of youngsters – just like you – queued endlessly to play the next smash hit, whether it was Space Invaders, Street fighter or Pacman. Just thinking about these games twangs on the old nostalgia bone.

Well, here at Coral we’ve got just the thing to bring all the memories back. Those endless summer days in front of that blurry, blinking box of joy. Imagine having that luxury in your very living room. Well imagine no more you veteran of all things arcade. Here’s your chance to prove your arcade-hating parents wrong!

Could you be the ‘Champion of Champions’ or join the fight to save humanity with ‘Rampage Riches’ to win an Arcade Machine and a share of £20K!

Yes, that’s right, you’ve got the chance your very own arcade machine! Not only that though, there’s also a share of £20k as well, which you could spend on energy drinks and crisps to get you through those intense nights of gaming. Or, you could spend it on a new car or a holiday, which is probably more be more sensible… possibly.

You’re probably wondering how to get your hands on this amazing prize. Well, let us explain, it’s really quite simple.

Simply stake on ‘Champion of Champions’ and/or ‘Rampage Riches’ between now and 23:59 on the 20th September, either playing on our slots tab or on your mobile device – via Coral Mobile – to secure you place on the Legends of Arcadia leaderboard.

The top prizes goes to the person who has played the most. So, for example, if you stake £10, your final position will be with all the people who have staked £10. If you stake £50, you’ll finish higher than the people who have staked £10.

It really is a case of the more you stake the further you go up the leaderboard. After all, this is a battle, and if you don’t put in your all you’re not going to win. The real question is, will you be the Champion of Champions?

Best of luck!