Coral Presents Twister Poker

Twister poker is unlike any other poker platform out there; it’s completely of the wall! If you’re not excited about Twister Poker – then get excited. If you don’t know what you’re getting excited about – read on, we’ll explain everything.

You’re probably a poker fan, that’s why you’re reading this. Or maybe you’re not, and you’re looking for a place to start – that’s okay, we’re all like that at the beginning. Poker can be frustrating, especially after a week of playing with no returns. Well Twister Poker can remedy that straight away – let me explain.

Introducing Twister Poker from Coral!

Twister Poker makes somebody a winner before the tournament has even started! How, you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. Before every game a random prize is generated. This can be between x2 and x1000 the entry stake. So say, you’ve entered the tournament for €1 – if you’re the selected winner, you could walk away with a humongous €1000!

That’s bigger than most tournament winnings nowadays!

The games are great as well. They’re three handed turbo tournaments, which means it’s quick action from the start. No more sitting around for hours waiting to beat the bubble. No more slow play, no more dwindling players – just quick poker action.

Turn €2 into €4000 with Twister Poker!

But wait right there – I know you’re excited. Before you go we must tell you that this weekend, and every weekend after that, we’re doubling – that’s right DOUBLING the €1k and €2k prize pools. So for just €2, you could take home a gargantuan €4000 – all for doing nothing.

That’s absolutely insane!

So what’re you waiting for. Head on down to Coral poker now and jump into the tornado that is Twister Poker!

Who knows, you could end up coming out €4000 richer on the other side!