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The UK’s Favourite Christmas Games | Coral

| 19.12.2017

Christmas: it’s a time for festive food, celebrations with loved ones and… games! The festive season often brings family and friends together, and for the adults among us, when the conversation runs dry the good old-fashioned games tend to make an appearance. We surveyed the grown-ups of our nation to... View Article

Check out Coral’s Bet & Spin Boxing Day special!

| 21.12.2016

Boxing Day is a key date in the Premier League calendar and you can enjoy the football and festivities even more with our Bet & Spin offer. For those of you that aren’t aware, you can scoop a casino bonus up to £/€100 just for betting on the big games.... View Article

Don’t fall for these Casino Myths

| 17.10.2016

You’ve probably heard them all before – some of the great tales that exist surrounding casino games. From hot numbers to fixed machines, there are many theories that are passed around. However, how do you know whether they are true? You don’t, and if you hear something often enough, you... View Article

Prove that you’re the Top Dog at poker

| 14.10.2016

Everyone seems to fancy themselves when it comes to poker, and here at Coral you can put your ability to the test on our dedicated tab. If you are the Top Dog, you could be leaving with some serious cash. So, can you walk the walk, and stand out from... View Article

It’s a win-win with our Golden Chips

| 11.10.2016

At Coral you can enjoy so many games. If you are a fan of the bright lights of the slots, or fancy trying to bluff your way to victory at the poker table, you can do it. Yet, arguably the most entertaining game of all is roulette. The speed, the... View Article

Everything you need to know about Coral Connect!

| 06.10.2016

If you’re a player at Coral and don’t have a Connect card, then you really are missing out. It’s free, you can bet online and collect your winnings in store, and we run plenty of promotions. The latest can get you a £20 bonus just for playing roulette! Why you... View Article

How ‘hot numbers’ is just another roulette myth

| 04.10.2016

The range of casino games available mean that we all love different games. For some, it will be the slots, the fast pace, the excitement and unpredictability. Others will prefer poker, and of course there’s blackjack, where one card can decide your fate. However, a universally loved game is roulette... View Article

5 of the best: Roulette betting systems

| 04.10.2016

At Coral we offer a lot of games, from progressive slots to classic table games like blackjack and poker. However, an all-time casino favourite is roulette, and it’s easy to see why. With the unpredictability of each spin, the tension as you wait to see where the ball lands, then... View Article

Win a giant prize on this favourite slot

| 28.09.2016

At Coral Casino you can find a range of great games for you to enjoy. Some of our top games include the traditional table games like roulette and blackjack, along with a host of slots. The slots are appealing for the bright lights, the instant spins and the big wins,... View Article

Try Blackjack Switch to boost your chance of winning

| 13.09.2016

Here at Coral we give you the chance to experience a range of games. Whether you want to chance your arm on the slots, go for your lucky number on the roulette or try and bluff your way to victory on the poker table, you can do it all. However,... View Article