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Poker Guide: When should you fold?

| 06.06.2016

Folding is arguably the most difficult skill for amateur poker player to pick up. Unfortunately, it’s absolutely pivotal that you get it right. Learn to fold and you’ll stay in the action longer, won’t blow your bankroll away and improve your chances of winning. You can learn when to fold below. Sometimes, you’ve just... View Article

Jump on the Omaha poker bandwagon at Coral!

| 20.05.2016

Omaha Poker – The next big thing! Omaha poker is rapidly becoming one of the most played poker games worldwide and is now easily the second most popular variant of the famous card game, behind Texas Hold’em. How has this come to be? Well, the answer is pretty simple! It’s... View Article

Welcome to Coral’s poker strategy guide!

| 15.04.2016

Beginner’s poker strategy guide from Coral! Welcome to our poker strategy section, where our in-house poker experts are waiting on hand and foot to turn you into a poker legend. In this section of the news website we’re going to take you through everything that you need to play poker... View Article

Coral’s Poker Guide Part 1: Order of play in Texas Hold’em

| 15.04.2016

The order of play in Texas Hold’em Poker Before we get started on learning about hands, bluffing, check-calling and all the advanced stuff, you need to know how to play poker – it’s a simple as that. As the old saying goes, ‘learn to walk before you run’ – or something... View Article

Coral’s Poker Guide Part 2: Poker hands

| 15.04.2016

Whoops! If you’ve stumbled ahead by accident all you have to do is click here to find the overview of our complete poker guide. Introduction We sure hope you haven’t skipped ahead without learning how to play poker; make sure you know the rules of poker first! Our guide to playing poker... View Article

Coral’s Poker Guide Part 3: Starting Hands

| 15.04.2016

Before reading anything, have you skipped ahead to this section? If you have then start from the beginning! Honestly, it’s worth it! In this section of the guide we’re going to be looking at the best kind of starting hands to use when playing poker online. Instead of bamboozling you... View Article

Poker Guide Part 4: Understanding Poker Player Styles

| 15.04.2016

Have you read the whole of the guide? If not, you’re honestly only cheating yourself! Get back to the start! Beat the player, not the cards! When it boils down to it, most players know when they’ve got a good hand and when they’ve got a bad hand. Someone holding... View Article

Poker Guide Part 5: The art of bluffing!

| 15.04.2016

Now, now! If you’ve jumped ahead of the game and neglected the rest of the guide you’re only cheating yourself. Head back to the start and play fair! Beginner tactics to improve your play! At his point in the guide you should know the best hands to start with, the hands to aim... View Article

Poker Guide Part 6: The all powerful check-raise!

| 15.04.2016

The most powerful move in poker! Check raising is the one of the sneakiest techniques in the world of poker. We’re going to take you through how to bamboozle your opponents and trick them into thinking you have a poor hand, when in-fact you have a bloody fantastic hand! This... View Article