Farnsworth and Hibbott among potting stars in Coral IPA British Pool Open 2016

Sean Trivass | 12 October 2016

Coral IPA British Open breaks off

Perhaps the most important season in the history of the sport of pool comes to an end this weekend at the Hilton Brighton Metropole, with the Coral sponsored IPA British Open starting Friday morning and running through to a conclusion on Sunday evening.

As always, three separate blackball tournaments (it’s the rule set recognised by the IOC) take place with the Professional, Amateur, and Open events and £13,000 in prize money up for grabs. As many would expect, the top players in the world are in attendance and looking to show off their skills to their fellow players.

Craig Marsh will feature in the Coral IPA British Pool Open 2016.

Craig Marsh will feature in the Coral IPA British Pool Open 2016.

Add a watching audience (free entry to all) and the worldwide industry leading livestream, that now gets through to well over one hundred countries, pool is clearly on the up with the IPA and their players leading the way. Customers can view the action in HD and for free via the Coral website!

Described by some as ‘snooker for the people’, it’s the sport we have all tried down the pub or club, involving reds, yellows, and a black, and really is a sleeping giant.

With millions of players around the country, something tour sponsor Coral have recognised, they will kindly be sending some of their representatives down with giveaways to hand out. So, if you are down on the south coast for any reason, feel free to pop in and grab one if you want.

Farnsworth and Hibbott star on table

As for the players, it really does read like a who’s who of pool. Rankings leader Marc Farnsworth, the Open favourite at odds of 5/1, is just a point ahead of Clint I’Anson (6/1). Then we have current world champion Gareth Hibbott at 8/1, though both Craig Marsh (10/1) and Jordan Shepherd (10/1) are in red-hot form and cannot be easily discounted.

Add a packed schedule of live matches and in-play betting on the streaming table, which starts with Ben Davies versus IPA Chairman Kevin Barton, and spectators and punters will be entertained throughout the day.

Marc Farnsworth will be one of the big names on show at the Coral IPA British Pool Open 2016.

Marc Farnsworth will be one of the big names on show at the Coral IPA British Pool Open 2016.

The ever popular Craig Marsh v Luke Sanges will also feature, closely followed by Marc Farnsworth v Andrew Hughes. So plenty of baize battles are on hand to keep everyone interested and amused on a potentially thrilling weekend.

Exciting weekend of pool action ahead

For those looking for a bit of a formbook to work from, the IPA International Professional Pool Players Association have a Youtube channel, so feel free to have a look at past matches to give yourselves a helping hand.

Although, part of the fun in this sport is the rub of the green – when you have it you are unbeatable, and then minutes later if it deserts you, then millimetres can make all the difference.

Fast, furious, and generally attacking thanks to the more popular (and officially recognised) Blackball rule set, each frame is over in minutes unlike other cue sports we could mention.

All in all, the winner once again will be the sport of pool with free entry, free livestreaming, free giveaways bags, and the fastest most exciting version of the sport of pool – feel free to pop in, you will be made more than welcome!


With the Coral English Open also in action, take a look at our cue sports section for all the latest news and tips.

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