Ed Miliband new favourite to be the next Prime Minister

Ed Miliband was today cut to 5/6 favourite (from Evens) by Coral to win the race to Number 10 and become the next Prime Minister, the first time he has headed David Cameron in the betting.


David Cameron is now the even money second favourite (from 4/5) with Coral to still be the PM come the 1st June, and they make any other person a 16/1 chance.


“This is the first time that Ed Miliband has been the favourite to take the keys to Number 10 after the Election. In the last few days we have seen some big bets in support of Ed forcing his odds to shorten”, explained Simon Clare, Coral Spokesman.


“The two leaders are running neck and neck and it’s the closest and most exciting Election race in decades”, added Clare.


The Conservatives remain the short price favourite at 4/9 to win the most seats at the 7th May poll with Coral, but Labour are currently considered more likely to form a coalition Government of some kind.


Coral today also shortened the odds on a coalition involving the Liberal Democrats to 5/4 from 7/4.




**Prime Minister on June 1st

5-6 Ed Miliband (from Evs), Evs David Cameron (from 4-5), 16-1 Any other person



**To win most seats

4-9 Conservatives, 7-4 Labour, 250-1 UKIP, 1000-1 Liberal Democrats, Green Party


**To win an overall majority

1-10 No party, 13-2 Conservatives, 20-1 Labour, 250-1 UKIP, 1000-1 Liberal Democrats


**Make up of next government

5-4 Coalition involving Liberal Democrats, 8-1 Coalition involving the SNP, 14-1 Coalition involving UKIP, 16-1 Coalition involving the Greens


**Two elections in 2015

11-4 Yes, 1-4 No



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