Yvette Cooper’s odds crash to become next Labour leader

Bookmaker Coral has slashed Yvette Cooper into 9-2 from 10-1 to become the next Labour leader after the firm witnessed a rush of support in her favour this afternoon. Cooper has now become the second favourite to win the election, replacing Andy Burnham who has drifted out to 6-1 from 10-3. Despite the gamble, Jeremy Corbyn remains the clear favourite at 2-7.

“Although Jeremy Corbyn has been the clear favourite to take over as Labour leader for some time now, momentum has definitely been with Yvette Cooper in the last few days. It may be too late for her to catch up with Corbyn, but the money is starting to suggest that the race is more open than it looks,” said Coral’s Nicola McGeady.

**Next Labour leader

2-7 Jeremy Corbyn, 9-2 Yvette Cooper, 6-1  Andy Burnham, 125-1 Liz Kendall.


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